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Soar To New Heights With Video Intro... Landing Pages!

Check-out the 12 second video below.
You’d think I went to great heights to get
this video made, not at all!

The CD logotype graphic on the ballon’s surface took three times longer to produce than this actual video! With the use of stock library footage and timely video edits,
Voilà! Done.

To see more sample landing page videos like the one below visit CD Blog’s, Web page.

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   elcome to CD Blog. This blog post is an eclectic array of different stylized presentation versions of my portfolio. My portfolio consists of just over 70 post pages that are divided into five featured categories ranging from; logos, print, photo retouch, Video and eCommerce sample sites.

Today it is all about site rankings and maximizing the best SEO, search engine optimization coupled with tried, tested and effective closing sales funnels.

I could have easily set all the content I have on display for this site on a single landing page but chose not to.  The site has a Menu Header but not a traditional Footer.

I decided to spread the content over a few pages to show various ways to display CMS content. As you browse through the site pages you will experience different content presentation formats to help you gain more insight into the range of CMS visual display possibilities. The site’s landing pages have all been themed with Canadian city landscape as a backdrop scene for video covers.

A Light Box View Of The Sites Landing Pages.


he days of designing featured full page magazine, newspaper and billboard size ads has been scaled down to business card size scrollable screen shots. Today you’ll see folks standing in front of a 8 foot tall bus shelter ad as they swipe through their phone. They see both but one has their undivided attention.

This site was developed from scratch with no preset theme template. I have worked on and developed social media and web platforms including e-commerce sites.

The site has many of the same CMS (Content Management System) features you’d expect of a typical e-commerce site without an actual shopping cart.

WooCommerce yes, no problem I can do that too. So, hopefully you’ve read this far because you are looking for a graphic designer to help you with your next design project. When you are ready, see the Contact Page, where you can include your project details and we can get started with your project today!

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